Advanced Clinical Professional Course implant-prosthesis and advanced surgery

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Continuing Professional Development ITALY 

Dr. Prof. Nazario Russo

Dr. Prof. Giacomo Coppola

Dr. Prof. Davide Montisci

Language : Italian 


Reggio Calabria (RC) – ITALY


1 Academic Year – 750 hours

This innovative and exclusive advanced professional course aims to deepen the Implant Discipline through a clinical training directly on the patient;  the trainee will have the opportunity to acquire and verify live the effectiveness of clinical procedures in order to be able to perform, in first operator, Implantology  with various levels of difficulty.

The course consists of 6 modules; each modules consist in  4  days

The general learning outcome is to offer the theoretical practical bases for daily implant therapy. The participant will deepen the issues concerning the implantology through a clinical path directly on the patient, thanks to which will have the opportunity to acquire and verify the effectiveness of the clinical procedures live in order to be able to perform, in first person , implantology interventions with various levels of difficulty.

Participants could be  to perform  implant treatments  on their patients, subject to agreement with the course’s Scientific Director ( Dr. Prof. Nazario Russo)

The course is  divided in 6 modules:

1st module 5-8 September 2022


– Surgical anatomy, surgical instruments and implants: strategies for safe and efficient surgery

– Treatment planning: from the first visit to the prosthetic finalization

– Evaluation of the cases to be treated during the course with radiographic aid (OPT – Endorals – CBCT), detection of iconographic documentation, anamnestic and compilation of informed consent.

– Post surgical therapy: pharmacology and diet

– Implant systems

– Clinical training (intership) concerning the topics covered.

2nd module 7-11 Novembre 2022

– Access flaps and different types of sutures

– Soft tissue management: roll flap, flapless, gingival contour restoration techniques – Immediate loading: criteria, advantages and contraindications

– Aesthetic functional rehabilitations: evaluations of the various options in relation to the patient’s needs and conditions

– Monophasic vs biphasic: when, how and why

-Clinical training (intership) concerning the topics covered

3rd module 9-12 January 2023

– 2 stage surgery ( reopening)

– From the healing cap to the impression: evaluation of soft tissues, gingival types and planning of prosthesis.

– Overdenture on implants: immediate load vs deferred load. Toronto bridge vs classic Overdenture.

-Clinical training (intership) concerning the topics covered

4th module 6-9 March 2023

– Vertical and horizontal bone defects: split crest, mini and maxi  elevation, with or without apposition of autologous and heterologous bone, GBR, membranes.

– Aid systems in advanced surgery: piezo surgery, PRF.

-Clinical training (intership) concerning the topics covered

5th module 8-11 May 2023

– Guided implant surgery

-complex cases planning  (Trainee technicians will also be able to participate in this meeting free of charge)

– Clinical training (intership) concerning the topics covered

6th module 3-6 July 2023

– Pre-surgical orthodontics with minimally invasive systems

– Small diameter implants and management of aesthetics in the anterior sectors

-Clinical training (intership) concerning the topics covered.

– Evaluation test and collective discussion on the interventions carried out during the course and delivery of the final certificates

General Practioners and professionals  interested in expanding knowledge in implantology through a guided clinical training.  At the beginning of the course, the lecturers will assessed  each participant for  organizing  an individualized  clinical training.

Dott.  Prof.  Nazario Russo ( Lecturer / clinical Tutor)  – Director –

Dott.  Prof   Giacomo Coppola ( Lecturer / clinical Tutor)

Dott.  Prof   Davide Montisci ( Lecturer / clinical Tutor)

The annual  fees are € 8000

six modules of four days each, every two months,  for a total of 750 hours

(theoretical and  Clinical practice

5-8 September 2022

7-10 November 2022

9-12 January 2023

13-16 March 2023

8-11 May 2023

3-6 July 2023



Reparto di Implantologia dell’AOU di Cagliari 

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