Maestrado Medicina Dentária Master’s Degree in Dentistry

300 ECTS


Malta – English Language

Portugal – Portuguese Language


5 Academic Years  – 10 Semesters

EIMS H.E.I. and Universidade Fernando Pessoa have designed  a course specifically for International Students who intend to obtain a Master’s Degree in Dentistry  in the European context.


The Academic Path is constituted  of 2 paths  to allow the student a progressive integration into the European Academic System and a to offer mastery of the Portuguese Language.

1° Path / EIMS H.E.I. Malta: 2 Academic Years – Residential Award in Foundations of Dental Science 120 ECTS ( English Language) – European Academic Course recognized.

2° Path / Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) – Porto (Portugal):  the student successfully completed the Award in Foundations of Dental Science by EIMS H.E.I.  is enrolled in the UFP course:  Maestrado in Medicina Dentária  (Master’s Degree in Dentistry)  to obtain the Master’s Degree.


The UFP Master’s Degree in Dentistry allows to immediately register with the Portuguese Dental Professional Order. 

Graduates will be also able to practice the Dentistry  in Europe according with 2005/36 CEE directive.

Academic Courses:

 Award in Foundations of Dental Science – 120 ECTS  
course accredited by  EIMS H.E.I. at
Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA)


Maestrado in Medicina Dentaria – 300 ECTS
course accredited by Universidade Fernando Pessoa at

Maestrado in Medicina Dentaria    European Automatic Recognition – 2005/36 CEE Directive:

Curse – EIMS H.E.I
  • Candidatura: € 100
  • matriculation fee: € 250
  • Annual fee:  € 8500  (10 installments € 890)
Curse  – UFP
  • Candidatura: € 120
  • matriculation fee: € 360
  • Annual Fee around € 6800 in  10 installments

The academic path includes € 150 fee in 20 installments for extra-curricular activities to be paid during the two-year period.

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