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Certificate In Clinical Implantology

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This is an innovative post-graduate course in Implantology, at the second edition by the AOU University Hospital of Cagliari; from this Academic Year with the collaboration of EIMS H.E.I.. The course is mainly professionalizing through the intership in the Department of Implantology of AOU University Hospital Cagliari. The course consists in 6 modules of 4 days each.

The course will be held in italian language.[/mvc_ihe]

Specialization In Implantology

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The Specialization in Implantology, developed thanks to the academic partnership with Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) Porto (Portugal), is mainly a professionalizing path through the clinical internship at the Implantology Department of the AOU University Hospital Cagliari.


Introduction to Mini Implants

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AEMID, European Academy of Mini Dental Implant, provides courses to allow dentists to propose an alternative to bone grafting for their patients. Mini implants takes part of mini invasive dentistry and give the ability to treat patients with a reduced bone quantity. This teaching is both theorical and clinical to give all the informations to the attendees for a successful treatment.

The course will be held in english language.[/mvc_ihe]