Specialization in implantology

Partner Institutions 

Universidade Fernando Pessoa Porto (PT)

AOU University Hospital Cagliari (IT)

Dr. Prof. Nazario Russo

Dr. Prof. Giacomo Coppola

Dr. Prof. Davide Montisci

Lingua Italiana

180 ECTS 


University Hospital Cagliari- Italy


3 Academic Years

The Specialization in Implantology, developed thanks to the academic partnership with Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) Porto (Portugal), is mainly a professionalizing path through the clinical internship at the Implantology Department of the AOU University Hospital Cagliari.

The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) stated, in 2013, the European standards for postgraduate training in Implantology; The Specialty Curriculum in Implantology covers the standards proposed by ADEE. The program has been designed to be in tune with the requests of clinicians interested in developing skills in implantology supported by the tutoring of implantology experts. The course consists of 3 academic years.

The general learning outcome is to offer the theoretical practical bases for daily implant therapy. The participant will deepen the issues concerning the implantology through a clinical path directly on the patient, thanks to which will have the opportunity to acquire and verify the effectiveness of the clinical procedures live in order to be able to perform, in first person , implantology interventions with various levels of difficulty.

Participants could be  to perform  implant treatments  on their patients, subject to agreement with the course’s Scientific Director ( Dr. Prof. Nazario Russo)


Oral Anatomy 1,5
Oral Surgery I 5
Plastic Periodontal Surgery I 2
Diagnostics in Periodontology and Implantology 4
Photography in Dental Medicine 2
Genetics and Microbiology 1
Implantology I 4
Informatics in Dental Medicine 1
Methodology of research 2
Occlusion in Peridontology and Implantology I 5
Treatment Plan in Periodontology and e implantology I 4,5
Clinical Practice I 9
Rehabilitation of the Periodontal Patient 2
Bibliography Review 1 5
Seminars Periodontology I 2
Periodontal Treatment I 9
Urgencies in the dental office 1



Diagnosis in Periodontology II 2
Treatment Plan in Periodontology II 5
Clinical Practice II 15
Orthodontics Periodontology Prosthodontics 1
Occlusion in Periodontology and Implantology II 2
Periodontal Treatment II 10
Plastic Periodontal Surgery II 2
Bibliography  Review II 5
Oral surgery II 6
implantology II 6
Seminars in Periodontology II 2
Supported Fixed Prosthesis 4



clinical practice III 15
Implantology III 15
Supported Fixed Prosthesis 15
Orthodontics Periodontology Prosthodontics 3
Investigation project 12

General Practioners and professionals  interested in expanding knowledge in implantology through a guided clinical training.  At the beginning of the course, the lecturers will assessed  each participant for  organizing  an individualized  clinical training.

Dott.  Prof.  Nazario Russo ( Lecturer / clinical Tutor)  – Director –

Dott.  Prof   Giacomo Coppola ( Lecturer / clinical Tutor)

Dott.  Prof   Davide Montisci ( Lecturer / clinical Tutor)

The annual  fees are € 8000

March 2021 – April 2022

six modules of four days each, every two months,  for a total of 750 hours

(theoretical activities and  Clinical practice)

SITO WEB:  www.implantologiaunica.it



Reparto di Implantologia dell’AOU di Cagliari


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