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OPEN DAY 15 JULY  2022

a new concept of GRADUATE SCHOOL

accredited  by MFHEA
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The Mission of EIMS is to serve the medical community in the provision of high-level training and research opportunities that support ongoing improvement in professional practice for the ultimate benefit of patients and the community.
The mission of EIMS provides to be also an internationally recognized European teaching and research Institution, contributing for the promotion of private higher education as a public good, associated with private benefits and based on the over-arching principle of public responsibility.
Internationally, EIMS wants to contribute with expertise and value to promote a culture of quality in teaching, scholarship and research in private higher education, to develop, with similar institutions, national and international channels through which institutional quality cultures can be recognized, legitimatized, and continually enhanced so that a truly inclusive European Area of Higher Education can be shaped.


Domestic Courses

Partner Institutions

P.I. Courses

Master's Degree Dentistry /Maestrado Medicina Dentária

EIMS H.E.I. and Universidade Fernando Pessoa have designed an Academic Path specifically for International Students interested to obtain a Master’s Degree in Dentistry in the European context.

Private Professional Courses

Pedodontics and Functional Orthodontics: complete approach to the small patient
The course offers a theoretical and practical path (lectures, online lessons, hands on training  in laboratory, internships / project work in accredited centers) with the aim of training experts in pediatric dentistry and interceptive orthodontics; the course intends to propose a multidisciplinary vision on the aspects of growth and development of the young patient..

Basic Course of Periodontology
The aim of the course is to provide the most up-to-date scientific knowledge in Periodontology, in order to make a correct periodontal diagnosis and conduct a correct treatment plan. 

Postgraduate course in gynecological reparative surgery
 The aim of the course will be: propose new minimally surgical techniques; present new procedures to avoid iatrogenic injury; present techniques of repairing any iatrogenic lesions.


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