Mission – Vision

Mission of EIMS is to serve the medical community in the provision of high-level training and research opportunities that support ongoing improvement in professional practice for the ultimate benefit of patients and the community.

EIMS aspires to become an internationally recognized European teaching and research Institution, contributing to the promotion of private higher education as a public good, associated with private benefits and based on the over-arching principle of public responsibility.

Internationally, EIMS has the objective of contributing towards expertise and value to promote a culture of quality in teaching, scholarship and research in private higher education. Through internationalisation and by entering into partnerships with foreign education institutions that share the same aspirations are experts in similar fields of study and value student – centered learning, EIMS aims to offer students and academics fora for the exchange of professional knowledge in the medical field.

The Vision of EIMS is to provide medical professionals with a sustained cycle of excellent practice, reflective professional development and embedded research that is continuously applied to improve the service of medical professionals and the wellbeing of the community.


The Aims of EIMS are to:

  • provide short, high-intensive CPD modules for medical professionals, using Malta as its operational base
  • provide modules which can be accumulated for recognized awards and academic qualifications
  • provide a new centered student learning experience through life sciences learning
  • concentrate its corporate social responsibility towards the Maltese community through socially-oriented medical provision and the sharing of its research outcomes
  • support the fostering of an international community of reflective practitioners who attend its CPD provision; through, amongst other means, the implementation of identified research projects
  • target private, national, transnational and international funds to support such research efforts and maximize its corporate social responsibility within Malta

last update: August 2022

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