Recognition of Prior Learning


Applying for an MQRIC Statement 

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process of recognising learning obtained through formal, non-formal and informal learning.

“RPL is the process for recognising learning that has come from experience and/or previous formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts. This includes knowledge and skills gained within school, college and university and outside formal learning situations as through life and work experiences” [SCQF definition 2010]

EMIS currently provides RPL for formal learning, consequently certifications are recognised by EIMS.

The evidence to be provided for students to be considered for RPL include certificates, transcript, programme curricula, learning outcomes and attestation from educational institutions confirming the achievements of the students.

Any foreign qualification obtained from oversees must be accompanied by an MQRIC statement.

The student must demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of the relevant module(s) or level of the programme for which they are applying for exemption using syllabi, program descriptions, formal certificates, transcripts, and so on.

Typically, evidence of prior certificated learning should be presented in the form of a portfolio

A typical portfolio should include the following items:

  1. The title of the program for which they are applying or registered.
  2. The relevant certificated prior learning programme specification, transcripts, certificates, and module descriptors.
  3. The module(s) or elements of the program from which exemption is sought, with a clear indication of how the learning outcomes were achieved through the certificated prior learning claimed in (2) above.

The administrative fee for the RPL process is € 45  per 1 ECTS.

For any enquiries or for require EIMS RPL Policy please contact:

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