Basic Clinical Periodontology Course

Private Professionals 

Dr. Francesco Romano D.D.S


36.2  ECM 


Location: Palermo  Italy 

Duration: 4  days 


The learning objective of the course  is Improve and promote periodontal health globally as part of oral health, general health and well‐being.

This will be done making participants aware of the most up-to-date scientific knowledge in Periodontology,  in order to make a correct periodontal diagnosis and to lead a correct taylor-madetreatment plan, based on the patient need and conditions, in a way to manage them in everyday clinical practice.

Therefore the participants will learn also to practice the basic therapeutic acts (Scaling and root planning, main periodontal flaps and sutures), performing hands-on-modelthe theoretical concepts learned.

To achieve this goals, also the Dental Assistant (in Italian = ASO, Assistente di Studio Odontoiatrico) are invited, as fundamental part of the Team, to participate to the plenum lessons, while they will also have some dedicated class during the course.


Make a Periodontal diagnosis

Complete a Periodontal Chart

Conduct a Chair Side Microbiological Test

Manage a Periodontal Clinical Team

How to select and prepare the periodontal patient for an Implant treatment.

Perform a correct Scaling ad Root Planning Technique

Accomplish the main Incisional surgical oral flap

Clinical Protocol of use of Non Transfusional Hemo-Components (PRF) in daily practice

Suture a flap

Obtain the best patient compliance

Francesco Romano DDS

Vincenzo Ferrigno MD – Cardiologist

Lucia Toscano ASO

Deborah Di Lorenzo DH

Qualified and practicing general dental practitioners in manage, with a 360° vision of general healt and through a professional and experienced Clinical Team, their periodontal patiens in everyday clinical practice.

MD, DDS, DH by January 30th € 700.00

MD, DDS, DH  after January 30th € 900.00

Members SIOD / ANTHEC / COI / AIO by January 30th € 600.00

Members SIOD / ANTHEC / COI / AIO after January 30th € 800.00

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